Annotation Datasheet_old

Each column
ID: ID for EVE used in this study (Genome ID, chromosome, start, end, strand)
chr: chromosome ID
start: start position
end: end position
strand: strand
AA_length: amino acid length
method: method for EVE identification (see FAQ)
N_cnt: # of N letters (undetermined nucleotides) in the region
MetID: ID for EVE starting with methionine
Met_AA_length: amino acid length for an EVE starting with methionine
HMM_profile: significant motif profile(s)
Viral_BLAST: BLASTP best hit(s) against the NCBI Viral Genome Database (viral.1.protein.faa, version 07/10, 2014)
NR_BLAST: BLASTP best hit(s) against the NCBI NR database
EVE_BLAST: BLASTP best hit(s) against known EVE sequences