Welcome to the Genome-based Endogenous Viral Element Database

It provides comprehensive datasets of sequences, genomic loci and functional annotations of endogenous viral elements (EVEs)
including endogenous retroviruses (ERVs) among mammalian genomes.


About: Details of this database such as genome sequences used in this study, identification methods and functional annotations of EVE sequences.

Annotation Datasheet: Annotation list of EVE sequences for each genome, of which table and/or sequences can also be downloaded.

BLAST (open in a new window): BLAST search for the gEVE dataset (amino acid/nucleotide sequences) powered by SequenceServer.

Data Download: Data download of annotation lists and nucleotide/amino acid sequences of EVEs for each genome.

FAQ: Frequently asked question for this database (including developing team, citation, and contact information)



geve.aa_v1.1.fa‘ file is available in the Download page
because the previous file (geve.aa_v1.fa) contains MetORFs from the rabbot genome instead of ORFs.
Please replace it. (2/13, 2018)

Our contact Email address (geve@ml.u-tokai.ac.jp) has not work correctly for a while.
We fixed the problem now and please email us again if you have not reply from us. (8/19, 2016)

Paper for the gEVE database was accepted to the Database journal. (5/4, 2016)

The gEVE database website has been updated including new annotation data and interface of Annotation Datasheet. (4/14, 2016)

The gEVE database website has opened. (4/27, 2015)